Friday, February 5, 2016

Trying to create a new blog site, but this old one just keeps taking over.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I'm Twittering now! (and I'm being followed!)
It seems other people are busy making cards for Go to the Library or doing the shipment or just watching people keyboard at the library on a slow day. Other people think they may need more time because of their heritage.
This would be a good place for co-workers to go when their doing a project together.
Each one could let the other know what they've accomplished, etc...And messages cant get too long winded. 140 characters says you need to be succinct!
Anyway, twittering isnt just for the birds!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


In the Sites 4 Students week, the things that caught my eye were in the productivity/organization realm (for obvious reasons).
I tried out Backpack because the calendar option appealed to me and it also offered a reminder service. A good way to keep things in a spot where I could get help remembering them and a great way to track my to-do-lists that are always losing themselves.
So, what I found out was that if you want the calendar option it will cost you at least five bucks a month. Well, the site was very nice and the calendar a useful tool, but I had to decline.
The next site I looked at was Notely. Same sort of thing but it had its bugs. Ultimately, the idea is great. It was built by a student that wanted to organize his workload, and after developing it, soon realized its potential. It allows users to suggest improvements and in todays age of internet resources, distance learning, etc...these types of sites are very useful not only for students, but for anyone wanting to interact. It offers note-sharing, scheduling, friends lists and RSS feeds.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Social Networking of Libraries

Trying to wrap things up for the KRL2.0, I took a tour of Facebook and found it somewhat interesting. I’m not a big fan of MySpace or Facebook, but I realize that a lot of our young patrons use these sites extensively. The Teen Isle is constantly filled with young people checking their pages.
I think Meredith Farkas had some good opinions about social networking, like knowing the difference between “being where the patrons are” vs “being useful to the patrons where they are.” She said it was a good source to get feedback when you ask about things in a zone they’re comfortable to speak their mind in…and about all sorts of things. It shows that the library cares about what they think.
The library could do well to reach those patrons within their comfort zone as far as requesting (and finding) material, brainstorming ideas, creating online magazines, submitting art-work for community/library events, or offering critiques or reviews of books and movies they've seen recently. They probably have good ideas about how to change the library to make it a better place. Maybe they would have suggestions about what to do about our diminishing music CD collection.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Wiki2 complete!

Well, I finished the assignment for Wiki2. I described how the shipment is processed at our branch. I created a new page, made a link on the home page for it and also made a link on the new page.
I think the Wiki is a good idea. It's something one person can type and then another person can edit. (I suppose this could work both ways) but, its a focal point we can share. Starting with an idea, other people can help to make it a better idea.
I think KRL should have both an internal wiki and an external one for patrons to look at. They could both link off the websites.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Well, I think the Wiki for krl would be a good spot for describing how things work for seperate brances. One thing that our branch manager suggested at our last page meeting, was to write about how we process the shipment.
I volunteered for this project, but havnt started yet. Now that we have a wiki for the branches, this would be a good place to have this info.
Whenever a sub works at our branch and they dont know the procedure, they can check it out on the KRL-Wiki.

Library Thingy

Well, as I start to learn more about this KRL.2 thing...I am starting to finish my assignment which starts up again with Library thing.
What a cool deal! I can put in one of my favorite books and it gives me all these other people who have read the book, lists of other books that are recommended reading, critiques, reviews, etc...
So far I just have three books in my library, but as time goes on I will use this to record alot more.